Wednesday, April 22, 2009

omg it's getting worse..i dunno how am i going 2 survive in diz fucking hell which is full of fake person..i hate most of d ppl here..last day is d worse day of my life in kuantan.my stupid day strtd at 11.00am.i woke up without prfmg my solat subuh.my stupid class starts at 9.i ws struggling on my bed 2 get up 4 about 20 min.all bcoz of d lack of sleep.i tdo at 3 am last nite..i was so tired,restless n my mind juz cant stop thgkg about HOME.i dunno y i'm so feaking homesick rite now.after d class,we went back 2 home..on the way..i.m with alin was xcdnt at jalan wong ahjang...shit....bad day....

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