Monday, November 22, 2010


today is another day.as i sat by the window wondering about stupid things,i asked myself what i really want in life.many people will answer,i want to finish up my studies,get a good job and FINALLY get marry or in other terms "settle down".people answer that question that way and ended it up at the married part.does everyone rily think getting married is the way to settle things down? i have a big doubt on it.in fact,i'm starting to wonder is there such fact dat we have been guarantee to marry our TRUE LOVE instead of a jerk? how can everyone be so sure when they get married.i mean,how on land when they said the magical words 'i do' they seems to b so sure about their decision? i mean,come on.i need the answer.in my life,i've been in a serius relationship with some guys and i never ever had a 'feeling' about me getting married with anyone of them.i'm worried if i wont be able to feel that forever.its stupid when they say,i'm saying this bcoz i never been in love with that so called true love..why???????even i have my fiancee and and want to live with him....

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