Tuesday, October 26, 2010

first time in IKIP..dedicated to all Frens in DMI 5

We used to keep each other awake in those boring classes. the silly notes we wrote, stupid jokes we cracked. that's what kept us going. my life is not going to fall apart just because you are in different place. but it won't be the same anymore.it wont.Anyway why did i have to be in the same class with you in every subject at the first place? then i wouldn't have gotten used to you being around so much. i should have prepared for something above ordinary like this.Later i will be just short of getting down on my knees asking people to be my friend. no one will actually cares. we have spent last few semester ignoring most of the people. i think some of them will even enjoy it. it was silly of us to rely on 1 person so much. it's all coming back to us now........

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