Monday, October 25, 2010

DMI SEM 5..OS project


last Saturday, I was with my classmates were running a project to the subject .. collaboration with the organizing skills and the results of our efforts, the project was SUCCESSFUL.many challenges that we have exhausted .Best giler pegi sane.It's challenge for me and my friends.Treat boy behavior,naughty little boy, but for the future and our sincere intention that, we finish the project with cool.TAK SANGKE AKU .... When I see kids there ,suddenly my feeling change and i feel very sad..the children there is less manageable,less love..and i think..I AM VERY LUCKY..aku rase kawan-kawan aku mempunyai perasaan yang sama..i hope so..for this story,im sory bcoz i cant put any pictures here..what can i say,the children very happy..they just need attention and affection..for DMI SEM 5,WE HAVE BEEN DOING AN EXCELLENT JOB...WELL DONE

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